University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Catherine Cooremans has been doing research, teaching and consulting in the field of energy-efficiency investment for 15 years, with a focus on organizational decision-making, and more specifically on corporate financial decision-making.

She is currently a senior researcher at Université de Lausanne, HEC Faculty of Business and Economics – Department of Strategy, Globalization and Society, and an associate partner at EcoDiagnostic Geneva.

Catherine Cooremans has conceived, and managed during five years, the Certificate of advanced studies in Energy Management at University of Geneva and is working as an expert with Swiss energy authorities on various public programs.

As senior researcher at University of Lausanne, Dr Cooremans was co-leader of the EU H-2020 project M-BENEFITS Valuing and Communicating the Multiple Benefits of Energy-Efficiency Projects (, March 2018 – August 2021).